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I'm Sharayu

An Entrepreneur, Happiness & Life Coach. 
I am on a mission to help you tune in to your Happiness Frequency and become the Person You Most Want To Be!

I Can Help You


Of what it is that you need to do to go from where you are now to where you want to be in every area of your Life.


That helps you take action towards what you want to achieve.


On the journey of achieving your goals by holding you accountable.

Do you want to become Confident and Consistent in achieving your Goals and Living your Dream Life?

My Journey of Happiness

I am going to take you through the journey of How I transformed myself from having an unhappy Mindset πŸ˜“to having a Happiness MindsetπŸ˜€
Well, it’s a long story that goes back to 2009. I was in the middle of my Third Year of Engineering, where I was going through the most Unhappy phase of my life for a period of more than 2 years.

You Live Only Once.... Be The ROCKSTAR Of Your Own Life.


"Sharayu a torch bearer in my life. When nothing was working, she showed me an unprecedented hope with a bright and affectionate smile and answers to all my questions even without asking them. She has an aura which transforms tension into release and doubt into decisions. I am completely a new person after meeting her. She helped me to proudly pat my back every now and then. Thanks a ton for everything. You will remain the indispensable part of my life. Lots of Love."
Poonam Sharma
"Hey, this is Abishek ! I've been working with Sharayu for a quarter and the journey is awesome. I'll be thrilled to suggest Sharayu's Happiness Coaching to all of those who dream to be the best version of themselves in every area, and are proactive enough to take it to the next level ! She helped me maintaining right mindset throughout the day and be more focused in whatever I do. Her coaching helped me to become an action taker. Cheers πŸ™‚"
Abhishek Prakash
"Only after one session with her,
I can say my thinking got changed completely,
and I am feeling really happy in my life.
Thank u so much Sharayu."
Taniya Kachore​
"I am so grateful to have you as my coach. Your support & encouragement has helped me to overcome my resistance. Thank you for believing in me when I did't have the courage to believe in myself."
I had the good fortune and privilege of connecting with Ms Sharayu Sagar, in a period of my life ,when I was slipping frequently into depression.
Her approach was kindness personified, her suggestions very simple and doable. There was nothing judgemental or dictatorial about her demeanour at any stage of the coaching.
And most soothing to a soul in distress was her innate cheerfulness and a bubbly effervescence which served to lift me immediately from my low moods.
Coaches like Ms Sharayu Sagar are one in a million. I wish her tons and tons of success in her chosen profession.
Dr. C. D. Natarajan

"Sharayu really lives by her title as Happiness Coach! She always makes you feel better after meet up. I love the way she continuously showers love and blessings on you. Working with her is a great journey!
She is a consistency queen and works without any excuses. She definitely plays a vital role in my coaching career.
I wish her all the happiness in multi folds that she has been spreading around! Cheers~ Lots of love & light"

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